A downloadable game for Windows

The Norse believed that only warriors who have proven themselves worthy, are allowed to enter the eternal hall of valhalla. Therefore they created a maze with one final challenge hidden deep within. You may find yourself at the same location but still be in a different place.

Go get started! All you need are the controls:

XBox / PS4:

  • A/X = Jump
  • X/Square = Hammer
  • Y/Triangle = Dash
  • LB/L1 = Throw Axe
  • RB/R1 = Attack
  • RT/R2 = Throw Spear

Keyboard + Mouse:

  • Space = Jump
  • LeftMouse = Hammer
  • Left Shift = Dash
  • RightMouse = Throw Axe (Mouse Position is Aim)
  • E = Attack
  • Q = Throw Spear (Mouse Position is Aim)

The Keyboard + Mouse controls have been added afterwards, as there were many who didn't have a controller at hand. Obviously the controls are not as satisfying as playing with the controller and at some places it doesn't work all too well (Like throwing a spear backwards) but it gets the job done for now.

Quick tip for the Axe: You can jump right after you have reached the axe, which makes it possible to reach even higher places.

Everything else you need to figure out on your own and remember where you went.

It is a rather big procedurally generated map so DON'T GIVE UP TOO SOON!

And most importantly enjoy!

Install instructions

Unzip whole package and execute Valhalla.exe.


Valhalla.zip 61 MB